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First mission of a Czech space probe to the Moon and the interplanetary space
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  • Tisková zpráva: Česká vědecká mise k Měsíci překročila další milník v přípravě

    Press Release: Czech science mission to the Moon passes another milestone in preparation


    The development of the largest Czech spacecraft LVICE² with its own propulsion has advanced to the next phase of the project. The lunar probe with a number of Czech scientific instruments has grown in size and other Czech aerospace companies have joined in its preparation. With the successful comprehensive review by the European Space Agency (ESA), the LVICE² project has now completed the so-called "Phase A" [...]

  • Tisková zpráva ze dne 23.06.2022

    Press release from 23.06.2022


    A scientific probe made entirely in the Czech Republic will explore the Moon's surroundings. The ambitious LVICE² space mission with scientific instruments from the Czech Academy of Sciences, CTU and FMP CU will provide a deeper understanding of the space environment around the Moon and help plan future missions to the Solar System. The Moon and its orbit are currently becoming [...]