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First mission of a Czech space probe to the Moon and the interplanetary space
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    Každý den tvrdě pracujeme, abychom misi přiblížili skutečnosti. Například včera nám kolegové z Fakulty strojní poslali nové podklady ohledně orbit. Výše vidíte vyhodnocení komunikačních oken sondy s pozemní stanicí pro starty ze dvou různých kosmodromů; amerického Mysu Caneveral nebo francouzského Kourou. Rozdílný sklon drah může ovlivnit četnost a délku příležitostí pro pozemní komunikaci se sondou, […]

  • Our goal is not only to inspire future generations of Czech scientists and engineers. We also want to engage today's students and let them solve real, space problems! At FEL CTU a student of the Department of Measurements was involved in the development of a fluxgate magnetometer as part of his bachelor's thesis. In the picture you can see the breadboard of the first, already tested, prototype. A short story and more photos can be found [...]

  • The development of the largest Czech spacecraft LVICE² with its own propulsion has advanced to the next phase of the project. The lunar probe with a number of Czech scientific instruments has grown in size and other Czech aerospace companies have joined in its preparation. With the successful comprehensive review by the European Space Agency (ESA), the LVICE² project has now completed the so-called "Phase A" [...]

  • A very important workshop took place between engineers from esc Aerospace, Faculty of mechanical engineering (Czech Technical University), Stellar Exploration EU and OHB Czechspace, a new partner of the LVICE² consortium, took place this week. The topics of the workshop were the coordination of the cooperation on the design of the probe structure, how the structure will be connected to the structural propellant tank, and also the preparation of the first instrument accommodation design (finding a suitable location for instruments, subsystems, science [...]

  • Stellar Exploration EU's CEO, Tomas Svitek, was interviewed by E15. Stellar Exploration EU is responsible for the propulsion, tank, battery and electrical systems in our project - so they are an indispensable member of our consortium. The article in Czech can be found here...