Lunar vicinity complex environmental explorer
First mission of a Czech space probe to the Moon and the interplanetary space
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Předběžná podoba sondy LVICE², vizualizace u Měsíce

JPG, 2560 x 1722 px

Předběžná podoba sondy LVICE², pohled zboku

PNG, 3840 x 2160 px

Předběžná podoba sondy LVICE², pohled zboku

1416 x 475 px

Pohled dovnitř sondy LVICE²

PNG, 1920 x 1080 px

Pohled dovnitř sondy LVICE², přiblížený

PNG, 1920 x 1080 px

The mission logo, version from 2022

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A scientific payload Spacepix Radiation Monitor (SXRM) developed by esc Aerospace s.r.o. and FNSPE CTU

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2SD™ (Space Dosimetry System Demonstrator) is composed of two detectors: SXRM (SpacepiX Radiation Monitor) and SXM (Soft X-ray Monitor)

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Mission design: the probe will be launched into orbit around the Earth (blue), from where it will manoeuvre (green) into lunar orbit (beige) to study turbulence in the solar wind. It will then take a second manoeuvre (orange) to a specific orbit (red) to search for the Kordylewsky dust clouds. The purple dashed line indicates the final manoeuvre.

JPG, 1023 x 717 px