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First mission of a Czech space probe to the Moon and the interplanetary space
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Probe Structure Design Workshop

A very important workshop took place between engineers from esc Aerospace, Faculty of mechanical engineering (Czech Technical University), Stellar Exploration EU and OHB Czechspace, a new partner of the LVICE² consortium, took place this week. The topics of the workshop were the coordination of the cooperation on the design of the probe structure, how the structure will be connected to the structural propellant tank, and also the preparation of the first instrument accommodation design (finding a suitable location for instruments, subsystems, science detectors, etc.) and its impact on the overall thermal characteristics of the probe.

The workshop was not only important from a technical point of view, but it was also a clear and decisive step forward in the cooperation between several important players in the Czech space industry. We have a common goal, to get the Czech Republic to the Moon, and without further cooperation between experts from different sectors this will not happen. We are very happy that Stellar Exploration EU and OHB Czechspace have decided to embark on this journey with us.